Predictive Model

Never miss a beat with our predictive model of patient flow from admission to discharge.
Multi-Layered View

Explore the different factors that contribute to a seamless patient experience— we have everything from projections of supplies and equipment usage to predictions of how long a given patient should stay in the ICU.
Global Optimization

We empower decisions that take the whole hospital into account, not siloed cost centers.
Reduce Length of Stay

In our first public module, heavyweight data analytics produce a simple printed page that has demonstrated savings of over 300 patient days each year.


My Patient

To prepare resources for a patient who will be admitted to the hospital, a care provider simply enters basic demographic information such as age, diagnosis, and procedure.

AI Processing

Our machine learning takes that patient information and matches it to historical data from similar patients, creating clusters of like patients.

Simple Outputs

Carta software exports a simple view of the predicted procedure time, length of stay in each ward, and predicted discharge date.